Success Stories


How YII has helped: Connected Medonyx to MTV and Dragon's Den

In the entrepreneur's own words:
"YII landed me a gig on MTV and gave me a heads-up for CBC's Dragon's Den, etc. As a small company with micro-marketing budget, always looking for $0, high value PR opportunities; and these have been HUGE for us. Thank you YII!!!" - Gilad Shoham, Founder and CEO

  • Founded in 2006 by three 19 year-old-students at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR passionate about changing the world - Amber Case, Adan Vielma, Mario Landau-Holdsworth
  • Greenit! has developed hardware and software that work in unison to bill and track customers for energy used by charging electric vehicles
  • Successes: Presented at the Dow Jones Emerging Ventures Forum 2006, Portland Electric Vehicle Association, and the Lake Oswego Rotary Club
  • Media exposure: Sustainable Life: "Eclectic kids with an electric dream", Sustainable Life: "Car kids shine in prime time"
How YII has helped: Invited Greenit! to present at the Dow Jones Emerging Ventures Forum, connected the team with experts and helpful resources

In the entrepreneur's own words:
"Because our college did not have a business department, the team had to learn how to raise funding, network, and write a business plan by themselves. YII served as a guiding force behind the student's efforts. Through YII, the team was able to attend conferences and gain mentorship from some of the best minds in the field. We learned the importance of not going into business alone. The knowledge of a robust network, especially for young entrepreneurs, is an essential and readily available resource. It needs only to be asked for. Anne Swift connected us to Dow Jones Emerging Ventures 2006, who invited Mario Landau-Holdsworth and Amber Case to present Greenit! along with two other groups from YII. Greenit! also connected with Lahav Gil through his Industrial Design Webinar organized by YII." - Amber Case

  • Founded by a team of students from MIT and WPI - Anton Aboukhalil, Jose Gomez-Marquez, Zahra Kanji, Esmeralda Megally, Neel Varshney
  • Aerovax is a low-cost "last-mile" aerosol vaccine device that can operate without electricity or needles, and requires minimal training to use targeting measels-related diseases
  • Aerovax's non-invasive device makes vaccination programs safe and more effective by eliminating waste from needle disposal and inoculating multiple patients
  • Winners of the MIT IDEAS competition, finalists in the MIT$100K Competition and Development Track
How YII has helped: Invited Aerovax to present at the Dow Jones Emerging Ventures Forum; connected Aerovax with and the Boston Globe

We have many success stories in our dynamic network. Here are a few other start-ups from YII's network:

Eric Melin, Co-Founder,
Technology: Market-based exchange for connecting donors and volunteers
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In the entrepreneur's own words:
"Anne embodies entrepreneurship - she has dedicated herself to solving some of the world's tough social and technological problems by encouraging and mentoring young social entrepreneurs, engineers, and inventors. Be sure not to miss her event if she comes to a city near you." - Eric Melin (via LinkedIn)

Erik Groset, Student, California State University San Marcos, Co-Founder of D&G Solutions and inventor of LiveSpeakR
Technology: A unique and ultra portable adaptive speaker technology that works with both horizontal and vertical features of future portable media systems such as Apple iPhone(TM) and iPod Touch (TM) ((R) Trademarks of Apple Inc.)
Successes: Filed patent application for LiveSpeakR; preparing for product launch; sold his poker-advice website in 2005

Asad Moten, Student, MIT, Inventor, SmartSeals
Technology: There are thousands of new cases of chronic wounds each year. An effective wound healing treatment should regenerate lost skin and protect a patient from infection and disease, but many wound healing options available lack the properties that are essential to the closure and healing of a wound. Combing the revolutionary fields of molecular cell biology and materials science, Asad has designed both a biologically and structurally optimized second generation Protein Printboard(SmartSeals) that has the potential to not only accelerate the healing of both chronic and acute wounds, as well as form 3D tissues and organs. His invention has far reaching applications in tissue engineering, organ Transplantation, and Cancer Therapy.
Successes: Filed patent, developed multiple prototypes for clinical testing, tested scaffold at Stony Brook University to rate its efficacy. Won the Seimens, Westinghouse, and Intel Awards. Presented at NASA Aerospace Technologies Conference and Nanotech 2008.

Rahul Shetty, President, Mezocore Technologies Inc., Universite Laval
Technology: Computer adaptive real life simulation for training of medical students, residents, physicians, and allied health professionals
Successes: Winner of the First Prize at Ideas Contest by Entrepreneurial Laval Inc (Universite Laval), Second Prize at Pierre Peladeau Stirsary, Finalist at Concours quebecois en entrepreneuriat, Universite Laval Scholarship, National Merit Scholarship India. Appeared in Yahoo Business, Zdnet India, Business World India,, Rediffcom, Sparci Canada, Ipress Hong Kong, United News India, and Mirror Geek

Sanjiv Rai, Founder, uniRF Technologies Inc
Technology: Unique radio communication architecture and technology that can delimit the Analog RF barriers and facilitate seamless and simultaneous communication between various standards and protocols within a defined carrier frequency range
Successes: Inventions featured in the Red Herring Top 100 Disruptive Innovations, Top 10 Asian Technology Visionaries by ZDNet, Special Recognition Award for Outstanding Contributions to Engineering and Entrepreneurship by ASEI, Leading IT Innovations and Top 10 Emerging Stars by NASSCOM

Alena Morozova, COO, WiNovi
Technology: A wireless platform developed out of the XCEEi program which delivers summarized, peer-reviewed, evidence-based medical knowledge to health care professionals on their wireless devices, saving them from having to read thousands of journals
Successes: Won the 1st place at TECHNet Innovation Fair

Some of our international start-ups:

Iyad Al Khatib, Founder of iITC, a Swedish IT Company
Technology: Quantifying performance of communications components
Successes: Filed for patent protection under the PCT, nominated as one of the MIT Technology Review's Top 100 Innovators under 35

Dr. Steven Zhou, Founder and Director, MXR Corporation Pte Ltd
Technology: Mixed reality, tangible user interface, children's educational product
Successes: Winner of Student's Achievement Award (NUS), 2nd prize of International Idea to Product Competition (USA), Lifetime Fellow of World Technology Network, Finalist at the World Technology Award 2004, Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors' Award; Patents based on his Ph.D. thesis filed in US and other countries; has raised funding from venture capitalists for MXR Corporation to commercialize wlzQubes

Alexander Cherkasky, Heinrich Heine University of Duesseldorf
Technology: Genome sequencing systems, lubricants, HIV/AIDS and other viral/infectious disease diagnostic systems, theraupetic strategies, leukemia and solid tumor medications
Successes: Named "The Second Einstein;" appeared in the Star (Stern), Picture of Science (Bild der Wissenschaft), Jewish General Newspaper, Jewish Newspapers (in German and in Russian Languages), Westgerman Newspaper (Westdeutsche Zeitung), Rhein Post (Rheinische Post), New Rhein Newspaper and other press. Awarded Bronze Medal "For Outstanding Achievements" and the Honorary Certificate on the International Exhibition of Inventors IENA 2003 in Nuremberg;I won the first place on the International Competition "Euromedica" of the European Academy of Natural Sciences in Hannover; holder of five issued German patents and international patents